Thursday, October 14, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010



Helo peeps!! hahahas.. yesterday have band practice.. and damn tired.. so never blog yesterday.. but today i gonna blog abt it!! =)

Yesterday [ 9/9/10, Thursday ] :

it was early in the morning.. Hahahas.. have band.. sian.. 9am to 5.30pm.. damn long uh?! hahas.. mr lim came in.. then we were like YES! but later mr kiang came in like NO!! ahahs.. it also make me stomach pain for that time.. LOL! next, we play some Disney song.. for the hong kong trip.. which i am not going.. =) yah.. play “i will follow him” and “a day at Disney land” and the last is “beauty and the beast”.. then it off to LUNCH BREAK!!! omg! i was damn happy.. but unfortunately only one hour break.. LOL.. ahahs.. went bpp mac with amanda and vanessa.. CHAT alot! LAUGH alot! EAT alot! ME-SILLY alot! LOL! ahahas.. then after that.. went back to school for band.. =.= haixx.. play vogelhandler.. it suck.. ahahas.. me & vanessa keep at there duno how to play.. ahahs.. even the conductor know abt it.. ahahs.. then he say settle us personally.. (*wow*?) ahahs.. then got the wat instrument stock check.. if not wrong.. LOL! cause my section already done.. so dun nid.. yah.. but the QM still need help.. so we go help her.. =) ahahs. after that got fall in yea.. and it ended quite early.. yah.. then went back to bpp again~ i want to buy file.. LOL! XD again.. SHOP alot! Chat alot! LAUGH alot with my amanda and vanessa.. =) ahahas.. then vanessa go find her mum then me and amanda go eat ice-cream.. LOL! yah.. chat~ then GO HOME!!! ahahas..

overall, have alot of FUN with them.. they made me smile that day.. and it was hilarious.. LOL! hahas.. hope to have more this kind of session again!! so look forward to it.. ^^ kays.. gtg.. i need to study my geo and lit cause got test.. and need to rush my hw toooooo!!! so much! =P

p.s When you have a rainbow deep down in your heart, your smile will shine bright. You know you're a part of that colorful, magical, feeling you'll find, when you have a rainbow inside

Monday, September 6, 2010

/- Yellow ribbon

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hello peeps! you must thinking why i put a yellow ribbon there rit? ahahas.. now i gonna tell you! hahas.. i have been joining “yellow ribbon project”.. is a project to give the prisoner a second chance.. and from this.. i learn alot.. yah.. but first.. during the yellow ribbon training training in school, it was damn fun!! now i will tell you~

ahahhas.. the training is basically all about cheering.. cause we need to cheer for the runners!! ahahas.. it was damn fun on the actual day… we even have a one day camp at school!!! muahaha!!! one the first day.. we need to report 8pm at school.. in night somemore.. LOL! then take attendance and blah blah blah.. then practice for the cheering.. yah.. then SLEEP! hahhas.. cannot sleep lah.. i keep sleep and wake up and sleep and wake up.. i decided to msg some of my friends like amanda(^^) and my sis!! yah.. then i keep msg them until i felt sleepy LOL! ahahs.. thx them very much for entertaining meee!!! thx!!  then the next day,need to wake up 4am in the morning.. haix. damn early rit.. i know.. we were there rushing to bath.. LOL ! ok.. then have our breakfast.. then chat chat chat.. and the have make up.. =.= have a white star and a yellow ribbon painted our face.. LOL! okay.. then get into the bus and off to the changi.. after some ride.. we reach our destination.. then still need to walk.. hahahs.. ok.. after that we were there.. nth to do.. –bored- cause the race haven start.. then we were waiting abt 2 hr.. then there is some runners.. the more come.. then we cheer and cheer.. LOL it was FUN!! we get into the rain.. and it was damn cold if there is wind..  ok.. the about 2 hr again.. we pack up and go into changi prison.. ahahs.. get out goodie bags!! and watch show.. if nth to do of course.. ahahas.. then head back to school.. okay.. then went back to our bunk and clean upp!! LOL! then went down to have our last debrief.. then we got our yellow ribbon tee shirt.. omg.. ahahas.. damn love it.. if ok!! LOL! then went back to HOME~

hahahs.. tis is want i went through in the yellow ribbon..  still rmb i said that i learn alot rit.. well.. i learn that giving ppl a second chance is a wonderful thing! cause it give them the confident to change themself and a sense of acceptance by other ppl.. isn't that wonderful? ahahas.. kays.. i think i stop here.. try to write asap!! =) take care!

p.s “help to unlock the second prisoners” - “give other ppl a second chance,it make life better” =)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010



hey peeps!! sry for not posting lately cause i am really really busy.. hahas.. i know some of your busy also blog.. but i have no time to blog.. cause i always reach home late.. and then when done my hw,is time for some revision or sleep.. yah.. i know this kind of life sux or wat..  hahahs.. is actually wat i have doing in my life lately..

ok.. yesterday is teacher’s day celebration.. yah.. after school went back to my primary school to visit my primary school teacher.. miss them alotss.. they are the one who make my life wonderful and have a bright future.. yeah.. i also met my primary school friends of course.. yeah.. i also miss them lotss.. except of some.. ahahas.. but i still need to go back to school.. =.= cause of yellow ribbon project.. i need to rush there.. and this cause me of not going to the gathering that my primary school have organized.. =.= they have surely have fun!.. yeah.. but not afraid.. i know they will miss the class again.. ahahas..

ok.. this week i am damn busy.. monday to sunday.. =.= especially the yellow ribbon project.. damn tired.. need shout here and there.. haixxxx…. hahahs.. now my head,hand and leg damn pain.. cause yesterday play some games and knock my head two time.. which cause my head very pain.. hahahs.. so clumsy rit? yeah.. i still like last time.. very clumsy.. ahahahs!! feel like laughing out when i was recalling my past.. ahahas.. 

kays.. gtg.. write to your asap maybe.. ahahas..

p.s cherish every time you have =)

Friday, August 27, 2010


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helo peeps.. ahahs.. long time never blog? ahahss.. too busy lately.. hahahs.. but first thing first..

Congrats those ppl who have been nominated to be a peer leader!!!

ahahas.. i am so proud of your!! hope your will pass the interview and training!! ^^ hope you have a beautiful future ahead.. !!  ^^

ok.. today damn… nth to say ahahs.. today school have a farewell party for our science and lit teacher.. i damn miss damn now.. they help us go through alot of obstacles.. i am damn going to cry now.. :’( when think abt the party.. especially during singing the “i love you” song.. i was damn going to cry.. but need to have a strong face in front of teacher.. so i never cry.. ahahs..

ok.. then after that.. after school.. then meet up with amanda!! ahahas.. eat cup noodles again.. (=.=) ahahas… o.o saw the random person.. then i was damn running away from that person.. but cause amanda say one thing to me.. i decided not to avoid that person.. cause i need to face the reality.. ahahs.. thx amanda!! ^^ okay.. then band started.. our conductor like give a damn face.. then when end already he like angry with us.. he is damn different from the other days he usually was.. omgee.. ahahas.  okay.. stop being like that.. (slapping myself).. ahahas.. 

nth to say.. but i dun wish to end here leh.. but i really nth to say.. ahahs.. kays… gtg.. i try to write asap!!!  ^^

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Missing the fun we have~


ok.. today at school went quite smoothly until the changing seat.. now my partner is JK? i think he ok lah.. i think i handle him.. ahahs.. then followed by other subject.. ahahas.. wahh!! those ppl go YOG got free visa card.. so good.. ahahs.. but i dun really mind.. cause is theirs not mine.. so wats the point of jealous-ing about.. ahahahs.. (=.=) i was looking about this emotion after school.. go meet amanda(^^) and that random person.. =.= i dun really wish to see him.. but i also dun care.. see also never hurt anything.. then talk also never face each other.. then GO HOME LAH! me and ash keep wanting to run around.. but fail.. ahahas.. quite fun during that part..thx Amanda!!  i know you are concerned abt me!! so thxxx for your concerned!! (xoxo) but you haven tell me who is the person?? hahahs… hmm.. went home with amanda,ash and jk…but amanda go take bus.. kind of miss her..  after that at lrt.. we saw the lrt come then faster take lah.. or else see the random person.. haix.. at lrt.. me,JK,ash was having fun.. keep talking nonsense to keep us hyper.. ahahas.. then i was at there lip sing.. then the both of them keep laughing. ahahs.. then the get down.. then i went alone lah.. then when in bus interchange,saw then random ppl.. =.= damn pissed offffff…. then i was looking at the window and keeping messaging in order not to see his face.. and i succeed.. hahhas.. i quickly get down the bus and walk off loh..  LOL! ok.. wahhh! tmr got chinese oral.. damn scared abt it.. and math presentation somemore.. =.= haix.. nvm.. i try my best in everything.. =) off to read my lit!! bye!!

p.s i dun wish to end this friendship.. is you forced me to do it.. =’(

Monday, August 23, 2010

This is the life i get~


helo.. ok.. today damn pissed off with one ppl.. i cannot reveal the name.. ok.. i know some ppl know it yeah.. pls dun bring this matter up.. or else my face will be damn black.. ok.. today went quite gd in school but not that matter lah.. i have spoken teacher and it went damn smoothly.. cause i know the reason why i am being like that.. now , with the help with my friends, i think i will make through this.. i just need to be strong and be confident of myself.. i cannot be weak anymore cause this will allow ppl to take advantage of me.. ok.. end this topic here.. omg.. now think abt that thing and i am damn pissed off now.. =.=  “ i am innocent.. wat can you do? accused ppl? can accused.. but pls dun accused the wrong ppl.. and this may lead to misunderstanding.. i tell you a lot of time is not me.. and i have enough.. now,is all about you.. i wont be talking to you.. or watever.. unless i find out the whole matter abt this problem” ok.. i was saying this to the person that i am person.. omg?! wats wrong with me.. i just need to chill down.. (=.=) walao.. i cant stop it lah.. i think i stop here.. hope to write soon!! =)

p.s  pls do no do anything that your friends dun like,or else the result will be shocking..